KJV Pocket Bible

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401947: KJV Pocket Bible, Bonded Leather Black, Snap FlapKJV Pocket Bible, Bonded Leather Black, Snap Flap
The King James Version of the Bible has had a profound influence on English-speaking culture for nearly 400 years. Popular author Calvin Miller (The Singer Trilogy, The Christ of Christmas) says there are three good reason we should read the King James Version: (1) It was the Bible of our forefathers and mothers. (2) It has great literary strength and a beauty that is often lost in some contemporary translations. (3) Finally, the literary resonance of the KJV makes it easy to memorize. Features and Benefits: “Why Read the King James Version?” by Calvin Miller; Table of Weights and Measures; Subject Index to Old and New Testaments; Where to Turn; “Daily Bread,” a 365-Day Bible Reading Plan by Robert Murray M’Cheyne; Jesus and the Ten Commandments; Titles of Jesus; Miracles of Jesus; Parables of Jesus; A Harmony of the Life of Christ; The Apostles and Their History; Predictions Made by Jesus; Prophecies of Jesus’ Second Coming.

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